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We are often asked by customers "why are some Chicago brick different from others, particularly in the quality

When purchasing Reclaimed Chicago Brick it is important as a consumer to know that not all reclaimed Chicago brick is of the same quality in appearance, state of restoration, color or texture. The brick goes thru a demolition, restoration process and it gets palletized and ready to ship out to its destinations directly from Chicago. The average consumer does not have the ability to select the quality of the brick when it is at the demolition, restoration and palletizing process. A pallet of Chicago brick carries an average of 530 bricks, it should cover between 100 -120 square feet of installation, when being installed on driveways, walkways or pool decks. When the quality of the brick and the state of restoration is of poor condition, the installation percentages diminish to 80 - 85 square feet per pallet. The quality of the Chicago brick makes a world of a difference on the appearance of the installation. We as Importers and Distributors of the product make the effort in travelling to Chicago and proactively get involved in the Selection Process. Hand selected Chicago brick is labeled as "Select Material"  and considered the Best In Its Class.This is a process that our customers benefit from and don't settle for anything less. It is important to us that our customers receive the best Reclaimed Chicago Brick in Chicago, IL. 

Is there such thing as New and Old Chicago Brick?

The Chicago brick is from demolition & restoration only. There's no such thing as new Chicago brick. The brick is a kiln fired brick and was manufactured between 1855 and late 1970's, by the late 1970's most if not all of the Chicago Brick Manufacturers had closed. The brick is made of Clay and became very famous after the Great Chicago Fire October 1871. 

How much does a Pallet of Chicago brick weigh?

A pallet of Chicago brick when palletized appropriately weighs 2,400 lbs., each brick weighing at around 4.5 lbs. each. ( This includes the weight of the skid )

Are all reclaimed Chicago brick the same size?

No, not all bricks are of the same size or measurements. The brick differs in most cases between 1/8" - 1/4" in size.

Can I select my Chicago brick as a Customer?

Absolutely, we will assist you in providing you with the Chicago brick of your choice. We have a large stock available at our show room and we welcome you. We carry Chicago Brick Common, Chicago Brick Pavers and Chicago Brick Veneers.

What can I do to maintain my Chicago Brick Driveway, Pool Deck & Walkways clean?

We recommend a progressive and preventive maintenance program in place. Applying a simple solution of chlorine and water with a spray bottle using 5 parts water and 1 part chlorine will keep the mildew & stains away. This application should only be used on the need to apply basis only. Maintain the spray application away from the landscaping. We also recommend a product named "Wet & Forget" it is Eco Friendly Non Acidic & Non Bleach. The product is for Moss Mold, Mildew, Algae and Stain Removal. It comes from a concentrated solution and in a .075 Gal Container, the solution when diluted makes 4.5 Gals. It is applied in the same form with a spray bottle. ( Everything in this beautiful Planet that we live in requires a degree of Maintenance)

Do you recommend sealing my Chicago brick Driveway, Walkways or Pool Deck?

Sealing your Chicago brick Driveway, Walkways , Pool Deck, Columns or Wall Veneers is a good option, however the choice of sealer finish makes a difference in the ultimate appearance. We recommend a "Sealer Stone Enhancer Matte Finish". From experience in utilizing sealers it seems that the "Matte Finish Sealer" brings out the natural & deep colors of the Chicago brick without altering the natural aesthetics of the brick. It is very important to maintain the authenticity of this antique product.

What is Chicago Brick Select Quality?

The Chicago brick derives from the Demolition & Restoration process in Chicago, IL. Once restored and cleaned from old mortar it gets palletized and distributed by the main supplier in Chicago. The brick suffers when it goes through the demolition process and some brick result more distorted and damaged than others. What differentiates the Select Quality from the Average Reclaimed Brick is the fact that the Select Quality Brick is Hand  Picked & Selected. Our Customers, particularly the General Contractors & Installers always prefer the Select Quality Chicago Brick. Based on their experience and comments, the installation looks as good as the condition and appearance of the product. Poor quality material resembles poor quality installation. As a distributor here in South Florida we make the effort to travel to Chicago and proactively get involved with our supplier in the selection process. The advantages in selecting the product results in top quality brick in appearance, better restoration finish, top quality in shape and dimensions and most important a lower percentage of waste material during the installation, therefore maximizing square footage on the installation process. A pallet of Regular Chicago Brick retails between $550.00 - $575.00 and it generates an average of 80-85 square feet of installation per pallet. In addition, the appearance of the brick is of poor quality and condition. When you do the math the consumer is paying $5.88 per square foot. A pallet of Select Chicago Brick sells between $655.00 - $680.00 and it produces between 110  - 120 square feet of installation per pallet. The brick is of top quality in appearance and condition, very clean from old mortar, and it  makes the installation look great. The cost per square footage results in $5.45 - $5.67 per square foot. The price of  Chicago brick differs on availability and cost of transportation. The difference and resemblance between both in quality and appearance does not compare. Quality of materials should always be on top of the list and should never be compromised. Practice best quality brick & craftsmanship installation for ultimate results.

I have Chicago brick on my Driveway in Coral Gables, Florida. Some of the bricks have a marking on them, " BRISCH " What does the marking stand for?

Thomas Brisch was one of the early pioneers in the Chicago brick manufacturing era. He was born in Germany and emigrated to the United States in Chicago in the early 1890's. He was well respected and a very successful business man, he founded Brisch Brick Co. in Chicago, IL. in the 1890's. He died in 1926 at the age of 58. His Company produced one of the best quality Chicago bricks.

Can you please recommend cleaning products and sealers that can enhance the look of the Chicago brick on my driveway, walkway and pool deck.

Based on the research and the feed back from a few of our Customers, the following Products seem to be doing the right job. Please make sure that you read the instructions and the MSDS accordingly before making any applications. 



What is the exact dimensions of the Chicago brick and how many bricks are required per square foot for a driveway & walkway installation? Also how many bricks are required per square feet of installation for Wall Veneering ?


Looking for the right person to get the job done?

This Chicago Brick Driveway has been neglected for an extended amount of time. This is the results of failure to perform Preventive & Progressive Maintenance. It is in very deplorable condition and it will require a repair & recondition process to be restored back.